A perfect stage

From 29 April to 01 May 2022, the 18th HansePferd Hamburg expo is taking place at Hamburg Messe. As an exhibitor, it’s a perfect chance for you to meet interested, eager-to-buy visitors in person. Some of the benefits:

  • Make direct sales 
  • Acquire new customers
  • Cultivate customer relationships

The extensive range of exhibitors is complemented by an attractive supporting programme that draws in additional visitors. Another powerful visitor magnet are the demonstration areas/forums integrated into almost all exhibition halls.


Why exhibiting at HansePferd is a sure-fire recipe for success

High exhibitor and visitor numbers 

  • Active equestrians and horse owners 
  • Eager-to-buy visitors = strong sales 

Strongly rated by exhibitors and visitors

  • HansePferd enjoys a very good image among visitors 
  • Rated “Good” or “Very good” by exhibitors and visitors
  • Exhibitors and visitors are very likely to recommend it to others
  • Exhibitors reach their key target groups

High-quality programme attracts interested visitors

  • Demonstrations and presentations in almost every exhibition hall 

All facts about HansePferd in pdf