Dear exhibitors,

Please note the following excerpts from our Technical Regulations when designing your stand:

Technical Regulations, Section 5.7.8.
The binding minimum requirements are floor coverings laid out over the whole of the surface (carpet or other materials that will not form toxic gases in the event of a fire), stand marking (company name and address) and stand perimeter walls visually suited to the surroundings.

Technical Regulations, Section 5.7.6.
Exhibitors are required to erect booth perimeter walls to mark the boundaries of their rented pitch unless they bring their own booth with a closed rear wall which meets the specifications for booth perimeter walls as a minimum. Hall walls are not regarded as booth perimeter walls. Trade fair displays, folding stands, etc. are not regarded as booth perimeter walls either.

Please refer to the Technical Regulations section 5.7 for further information about our stand design regulations.

In principle, the exhibitor is responsible for the design of the stand.
Stand walls, floor coverings and many other services can be ordered conveniently and reliably from our onlineshop.

We look forward to assisting you with your preparations.

If you have any questions, please contact our exhibitor service.

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